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Mobile Videos: A mini television Mobile Videos: A mini television by Nisha

With the ease of mobile Internet, mobile users can easily surf net and thus fulfill their networking needs as well as allow them to download stuffs including MP3 songs, wallpapers, videos, softwares in a hassle free way. These wireless devices has become a mini computer that gives each and everything by a click of button. With the rising scope of smartphone usage, now users can watch videos on mobile phones with the effectiveness of clarity. The users can watch graphics, movies or short snippets of shows, reality shows, sports, news, events and lots more at any point of time as per user's convenience. Videos are very effective and even efficient as they hold viewers interest by appealing them through visual representation.

With the ease of bluetooth, the user can share number of videos with near and dear ones. Moreover, one can also search the favorite movie song, video clips, movie clip etc. on Internet and transfer them to his mobile device. According to a survey, it is disclosed that in 2009's first quarter, 13.4 million Americans who watch videos on their phones view an average of 3-1/2 hours of mobile video per month. This shows the growth rate of mobile web. Moreover, the best part of mobile videos is that one can watch videos whenever he/she get time. This comfort has made mobile videos very popular and attractive. A number of marketers are using mobile videos for various marketing promotions. For example, when a user get connected to Internet on mobile phone, he received banners like 'watch hot videos' on your mobile, 'get the latest promos of upcoming movies' etc. Click here to start actions. Such actions are the promotional campaigns aimed at advertising.

The user can also capture plenty of his/her special moments including ceremonies, parties, farewell etc. and thus save them on his mini gadget. Even the mobile user can upload them online as there are many websites that allow individuals to upload videos online. So enjoy your free time with exciting videos.

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